Hancock Park

Within the Greater Wilshire Hancock Park area there are three fairly well defined neighborhoods: Hancock Park, Larchmont Village, and Windsor Square. The area is attests to Los Angeles’ sprawling degrees of history, character, affluence and charm. Hancock Park and Larchmont have remained stylish without being hipster, quaint without being too cutesy and affluent without pretention. With a negligible border between them, Hancock Park and Larchmont Village embody the perfect balance of culture, cuisine, architecture and the community ambience. Before there was such a thing as the ‘west side,’ Hancock Park was home to the Hollywood elite—and it still packs a serious celebrity punch. Bordering Hollywood and K-town, this exclusive neighborhood hosts some of the most impressive mansions in L.A. and its sprawling green lawns and quiet streets make for the perfect lazy Sunday drive.

According to the Mapping L.A. project of the Los Angeles Times, Hancock Park is flanked by Hollywood to the north, Larchmont and Windsor Square to the east, Koreatown to the southeast, Mid-Wilshire to the south and southwest and Fairfax to the west. Street boundaries are Melrose Avenue on the north, Arden Boulevard on the east, Wilshire Boulevard on the south and La Brea Avenue on the west. The neighborhood surrounds the grounds of the Wilshire Country Club.

Today, the Hancock Park Homeowners Assn. counts about 1,200 homes within the boundaries of Melrose Avenue, Wilshire Boulevard and both sides of Highland and Rossmore avenues.

The Hancock Park Homeowners Association defines Melrose Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard as two of the boundary streets of Hancock Park. The houses on both sides of Highland Avenue and Rossmore Avenue, the other boundary streets, are defined as a part of Hancock Park. The homeowners association counted 1,200 houses within Hancock Park.